About RSZ

RS Zelltechnik GmbH is a biotech and life sciences company founded in 2013 as a spin-off of the University of Leipzig (soft matter physics department). Since Juli 2019 the head office is hosted in the bavarian forest, Schöllnach.

We are designing scientific devices relying on microscopy, microfluidics, laser and automation. The Optical Stretcher is our most prominent product, a microscope onset, to probe the mechanical behaviour of biological cells. Single cells, flowing in suspension, are held and released after measurement in an optical trap.



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Tel: +49 (0) 17683379993

Email: info@zelltechnik.com

Web: www.rszelltechnik.com

postal adress

RS Zelltechnik GmbH

Unterer Daxstein 10

94508 Schöllnach


RS Zelltechnik GmbH, Unterer Daxstein 10, 94508 Schöllnach, Germany

Amtsgericht Deggendorf HRB 4989

USt-Id DE 292133159